Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's time to visit the Hospital. One that's in the Mountains and serves Animals.

Hey all,

This week's guests on The Rising Tide are MOUNTAIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL (space) an experimental rock quartet that is every bit as ethereal and textured as they are loud.

Let's go rock the woods.

A fixture of the Santa Cruz local indie rock scene for the last few years, they released their full length debut, Startled By Deer, in 2008 on Lovers in Heat records and have performed at the Crepe Place, the Brookdale Lodge, the Blue Lagoon and the Resource Center for Non-Violence among other venues here in Santa Cruz. They have also taken their act on the road and have played with the likes of Sleepy Sun, Silian Rail, Judgment Day and Loch Lomond.


But what about this band makes them so unique, especially in a city like Santa Cruz where bands tend to be constricted by the limitations of their genre-oriented scenes? You'll have to tune in this Friday to find out as not only will I be playing some choice songs off of Started By Deer, but I will be conducting an in-depth interview with the group and previewing some of the material from their newest full length which is to be released later this year. Also the band will be demonstrating their flexibility by performing a number an acoustic arrangement of some of their songs live on the radio! Tune in this friday night at 8:30pm to hear this and more of the new indie rock music you've all come to know and love!!!


Grand Lake // James Rabbit // Acid Tapestries // The Best Friends LIVE at The Merrill Cultural Center on Friday February 26th!


- Lee Bizzle


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