Friday, March 18, 2011

Blackbird Raum and Rachel Bockover on The Rising Tide tonight

I'm excited for tonight's show, folks.

As one of the most infamous bands from Santa Cruz, Blackbird Raum have a reputation as folk-punk pioneers that preceeds them.

The group, which started back in 2003, have gained a following that far outstrips that of hundreds of better coiffed, more polished, traditionally popular acts. They've done so by refusing to compromise their sound or their wills. The group frequently takes their music to the streets of downtown Santa Cruz, where the size of the crowds they tend to attract has become the stuff of legend. Fans of Andrew Jackson Jihad and Defiance, Ohio will relish the band's retroacoustic sound. One that is driven by a fiery punk passion that may surprise those who are used to hearing banjos and violins associated with milquetoast performance art.

The group will be coming onto The Rising Tide tonight to talk about their ascent into being one of Santa Cruz's most popular acts, their upcoming performance at the 418 Project with O'Death, Helado Negro and Rising Tide alums Tether Horse on Friday, March 25th, and maybe tell us what the future holds for Blackbird Raum.

Our other musical guest for the evening will be Healdsburg's own Rachel Bockover.

A singer-songwriter whose output is all the more impressive given the multiple roles she fills as the writer, producer and performer of all instruments on her recordings. Steeped in the quasi-gothic folk of heroines Tori Amos and Elizabeth Frasier (of the Cocteau Twins), Rachel's music brings together her years of musical experience, empowering her soulful balladry with a perspective that is all her own.

Rachel is currently in the midst of recording her debut record, Tightrope Walk, and will appear on The Rising Tide tonight to talk about the process of getting her debut album together, and what it's like to be a young up and coming artist in her position.

Tune in to this and more on The Rising Tide tonight at 8;30pm. 88.1fm or!

- DJ PassiveTheory


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