Thursday, March 31, 2011

The She's and Hod on The Rising Tide this friday night!

Hey all,

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That being said, let me introduce you to our first of two guests for tomorrow night's program, The SHE'S.

Hailing from San Francisco, The SHE'S are proof positive that making great music has no arbitrary age requirement. Much has been made of the group members' relative youth (they're in high school), but one need not delve too far into their music to find out that the band's ability to craft melodies with quality pop sensibilities reaches far beyond what one would expect for a group of musicians their age. Their sound can be described as indebted to the likes of the Shangri-Las, Herman's Hermits and the Beach Boys as far as structure goes, but The SHE'S bring that 50s-60s surf pop style of music into the modern era, having caught the attention of groups like AB & The Sea, Best Coast and Christopher Owens of Girls (who subsequently put the group on the map by having them open their Fillmore show last October).

The SHE'S will be stopping by our studio this friday night to talk about their ascension into bay area indie stardom, the pressures of being in a touted band at their age, and to perform a special acoustic set highlighting some of the songs from their self-titled (I think) EP.

After that, we'll be treated to a very special visit to the station by Hod Hulphers, better known to the people of Santa Cruz as ...And Hod.

A solo artist in his own right, Hod has been active in the music community of Santa Cruz for many years, as you can often spot him playing at the Crepe Place where his take on folk and music has found a home. That being said, the reason for Hod's appearance on the show this week is that he's in the midst of promoting a very special event taking place this weekend.

On Saturday night, Hod and a whole host of other musicians (including Little Wings, Sugar Shack (featuring Keith Thompson from The Groggs) and the Snow Buddies) will be performing at the Crepe Place to help fund raise for the Santa Cruz’s Bachelor Buddies Production Company's upcoming production of the film Johnny and the Golden Bouzouki. A parody of 70s action/adventure films, Johnny is Hod's most recent foray into the art of musicals. Hod will also be bringing the film's star (Johnny Diamonds) up to the station tomorrow night with him to talk about the film, his own experiences in music, and what the future holds for Hod.

These and more when you tune into The Rising Tide tomorrow night at 8:30pm! or 88.1fm.


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