Monday, August 30, 2010

No Guests Until Fall

Sorry folks, we're going to have to postpone all guest appearances live on the show until October. We're going to figure out a way to bring you featured local artists each week, but not in the studio.

More to come later.

Blame not the people who assumed that it's okay to bring alcohol up to KZSC, instead blame me for not explicitly telling them this.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're taking the week off!!

See you guys in September! I'll probably update the blog sometime next week too!

- Lee B.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JAM PACKED FRIDAY (not the Phish-kind of jam, the good kind)

Hey all,

This week has been hectic for both Rigmarole and myself so I'm going to keep this brief.

And keep these briefs!... And that there's the sound of laughter dying.

First off, you can read ALL about this week's main music guests, MIDNITE SNACK, over here at the Good Times! It's going to be fun having Denny and company on the show. As for our other musical guest, YOUNG SCIENCE, well... Check out his facebook page!

Also, I might have my just-recorded-last-night-at-the-Catalyst interview with BATHS up in time for tomorrow night's show!

Tune in this Friday night for these and more!

- DJ ShouldBeWorkingOnHisFinal Theory



Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're going to FYF Fest!... And so should you.

Hey all,

I know that this blog and this radio show tends to put itself out there for local musicians and local music, but we also tend to cover a (fairly decreasing, admittedly) decent amount of new and lo-fi indie rock from around the country.

Although this portion of the show might end up constituting even less of the show in the fall (once we re-write our program manifesto), myself and DJ Rigmarole do have a vested interest in upcoming and, dare I say, RISING indie rock.

That brings us to an event taking place in Los Angeles in just a few short weeks: FYF Fest


Once known as the not-safe-for-radio Fuck Yeah Fest, the FYF Fest has played host to numerous Rising Tide-friendly artists over it's 3+ year existence. Aside from bookings the likes of which seen above for this year's festival, they have featured the late JAY REATARD, NO AGE, DEERHUNTER, CRYSTAL ANTLERS, TIMES NEW VIKING, THE STRANGE BOYS, BLACK LIPS, FUCKED UP, and many, many more. Their festival in 2009 was actually construed as a means to help accrue funding to help save California's State Parks, and the organizers of this yearly event have also booked a variety of individual gigs for FYF Fest-related artists, as well as having helped put together the Matador at 21 festival taking place in Vegas later on this year.

We will be covering the event this year on behalf of KZSC, so make sure to check out the blog later on next month for a full write-up of our festival experience (with photos!) until then, here are my most anticipated acts to see at FYF Fest:

1. The Rapture (house offfff JEALOUS LOVERS SHAKE DOWNNNN)
2. Best Coast
3. Washed Out
4. The Mountain Goats
5. Delorean
6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
7. Titus Andronicus
Abe Vigoda
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
The Growlers

And maybe Rigmarole'll post hers too... Mebbe.

Peace out, see you in LA, and stay tuned for another blog sometime next week about Friday's guests!

- Lee B.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Terrible on The Rising Tide

Hey all,

I'd just like to say that I saw Wavves at the Crepe Place last night, with local Sonic Youth-disciples GRIZZLE TOE who opened the show. It was a great show, with a moshpit that lasted all night, so if you missed out make sure to catch Wavves with Rising Tide-approved bay area artists YOUNG PRISMS and THE TET HOLIDAY tonight at 7:30pm at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

This shit is MUUUUUUCH better than that dick bag Nathan Williams ever will be.

But onto the main course!

I'd like to introduce you all to this week's guest on The Rising Tide, THE TERRIBLE.
This local space-rock instrumental outfit has kept a low profile over the year, only emerging to play a couple of shows around town each year. However, with a brand new vinyl single (seen above) to promote, The Terrible have returned to lay waste to the city of Santa Cruz, and the first stop on their destructive path will be KZSC Santa Cruz this Friday night when the Terrible will be our guests on The Rising Tide. We'll be talking about their newest recording, what their views on Santa Cruz are, and whatever else happens under the sun.

ALSO, we have some FYF Fest-related news that I'm REALLY excited about! Yours truly, and my co-host DJ Rigmarole, will be taking the week of Sept. 3rd off in order to go and cover FYF Fest for KZSC Santa Cruz! It's going to be awesome, and we hope to see you all there!

- DJ PassiveTheory

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photos, etc.

Hey all,

Just writing in to let you all see a number of the photos Brian took of last Friday night's show. Also, some time this week I should be finishing up splitting all of the 7 months-worth of recordings from our broadcasts. I'm really excited about the steps we'll be taking in the near future, so stay tuned!

Keith Petrocelli (Carry Yrself Home) - 8/13/10

Mouse Heaven - 8/13/10

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Double Whammy! No, wait, TRIPLE WHAMMY.

Hellooooooo everybody!

Hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday. I am, because we have some great news, but first, let's get down to business and talk about this week's guests!

Santa Cruz is home to a number of venues, but one venue in particular has played host to more incredible shows during my time living in this town, and that is the Crepe Place. There are many figures who help run the show at The Crepe, but none are more prominent than Keith Petrocelli of Carry Yrself Home.

Having produced several local festivals over the year, and bookings shows running the gamut from Abe Vigoda to Judgment Day to Deer Tick to Wavves, Keith will be our first guest this upcoming Friday night, where he'll sit down in our little treehouse in the mountains to discuss several upcoming CYH shows, talk about his history in the Santa Cruz local music scene, and just generally chill out.

After that, we'll be featuring an interview with LA's own HoneyHoney.
This folk-rock duo is getting set to tackle The Catalyst on Monday, August 16th, as they open for Xavier Rudd. As a hard-working touring band, be sure to tune in and listen to hear what this So. Cal. act has to say about Santa Cruz, their experiences on the road, and what challenges await them.


For it's my pleasure to inform you all that Oakland's own Mouse Heaven will be our musical guests of the evening.

This bay area quartet's take on folk music is at times haunting, but always engaging. They aren't afraid to openly shift styles, going from slow-paced ballads to driving lo-fi fuzz rock in a matter of 2 to 3 songs. Also, Mouse Heaven were voted in to play at the Free For All festival in Los Angeles (on August 15th) where they'll be playing alongside such talent as Akron/Family, Active Child and Langhorn Slim.

Man, we're going to have like... 30 minutes for lo-fi indie rock this week. Goddamn.

- Lee B.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monsters in KZSC! / Upcoming shows

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know about those upcoming shows that were mentioned on air on Friday night (so for the full list of shows, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this page), but first I wanted to say that last Friday's show was fantastic. Sure, Britt being unable to make the show at the last second was unfortunate, but thanks to local photographer Brian Baumgartner (no, NOT Kevin from The Office... I'm talking about this guy) we managed to capture the magic of having Monsters Are Not Myths play in the studio!

Monsters Are Not Myths - 8/6/10

And yes... I am stupidly holding their newest record (2009's Corporate Grown) backwards like a dumbass. Oh well!

Upcoming Shows:

8/8/10 - Of Melting Moons @ The Catalyst (21+)
8/8/10 - Hey Charles, Red Coyote, etc. @ SubRosa
8/9/10 - Wolf Crystal @ The Blue Lagoon (21+)
8/12/10 - Emily Jane White @ The Crepe Place
8/14/10 - James Rabbit @ SubRosa
8/15/10 - Koalacaust, Team Sport & more @ 314 Ocean st.
8/15/10 - The Groggs @ The Crepe Place
8/19/10 - Joanna Lefever @ The Crepe Place

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A double dose of local goodness

Hey there,

The Rising Tide usually features one local artist interview-and-performance-smorgasbord-type-thing each and every week, and with the exception of a few off weeks (due to illness, time mismanagement, etc.) we've stuck to that script.

Last week we decided to tamper with the show format a little bit and air an off-site interview with a group in Spirits of the Red City who visited our town and played a lovely show at SubRosa just over a week ago. In my opinion, it was a great success, so if I were you, I'd count on hearing more off-site interviews with artists playing Santa Cruz in the future!

Which brings me to this upcoming Friday night, where the show will play host to two special live studio interviews.

First off, Folk Yeah!'s Britt Govea has, in recent years, established his organization as a linchpin in Nor Cal's indie rock, psychedelic rock and (naturally) folk circles.
In addition to bringing artists as far-reaching and diverse as Animal Collective, Beach House, The Black Angels, The XX, Earth and Bert Jansch to our neck of the woods, Britt has also featured local artists such as Mountain Animal Hospital and Sleepy Sun, and helped make the Brookdale Lodge a local music hotspot.

A DJ in his own right (with a penchant for digging deep into his music library for psychedelia-tinged records from the 60s and 70s), Britt Govea will be coming on the show to talk about upcoming FolkYeah! shows, his own perspective and experiences on being a concert promoter, and to help give away tickets to the upcoming Akron/Family show at the Brookdale Lodge on Saturday, August 14th!

Our second guests this upcoming Friday night will be a band playing at The Crepe Place the following night, opening for Cannons & Clouds and Summer Darling; their name is Monsters Are Not Myths.

This local quartet has existed in different incarnations since 2004, and they are in the midst of riding the praise of their 2nd and most recent LP (2009's Corporate Growth).

At times recalling Son Volt, Spoon and Ryan Adams, Monsters Are Not Myths are going to take their lighthearted-at-times tunes and strip them down for this Friday's show. Tune in to catch them play live in the KZSC studio and answer some questions about their project!

See ya later,
- Lee B.