Friday, February 18, 2011

Birdhand, Jeremy Lyon and more on tonight's Rising Tide

Hey all,

Hopefully many of you will profit from this extended holiday weekend and venture out into the cold, rainy winter weather that's finally set itself down on Santa Cruz to see some shows in the area. We at the Rising Tide will be giving you all the help you need to find out about great shows in and around Santa Cruz by virtue of the Concert Calendar we now have displayed on the sidebar of the blog! Until we get it updated with actual shows, though, make sure to check out Keith Thompson's blog for day-of show information for everything happening in Santa Cruz!

That being said, tonight's show is going to feature two very special local guests that are sure to delight those of you who tune in tonight:

Jeremy Lyon is an emerging singer-songwriter originally from San Francisco who moved to Santa Cruz to attend UC Santa Cruz.

Jeremy's songwriting prowess reveals the influence from classic rock staples like Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, though he takes the foundation laid down by such legends and brings it up to date (and funks it up) resulting in a modern rock sound that places his sound closer to artists such as My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon.

His most recent work, January's Take It Back EP, clearly shows an artist who is growing both musically and thematically without losing one ounce of the ambition that makes him an artist to watch for in the near future.

Jeremy, a KZSC DJ in his own right who programs the show Devil's Music every Sunday night at 7:30pm with DJ Bobo Z, will be heading up to our tree cabin in the woods tonight to talk about his recent releases and his upcoming solo acoustic performance at the Santa Cruz Roasting Company this Saturday night where he'll be performing with Thema Tillman.

After that, we'll be joined by one of Santa Cruz's most promising new bands, BIRDHAND.

Formerly known as Brown Irish, BIRDHAND consists entirely of Santa Cruz musicians who have found success in other local bands, and the pooled experience is evident in the way that the band has played things cool and calm, opening for bands like Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band and even the legendary Bad Brains like it's no big thing.

As a live band, BIRDHAND draws on the blunt force derived from one of their chief influences, Queens of the Stone Age, but as music from their forthcoming-yet-untitled EP leaks out, the band is evidently taking a more adventurous, nuanced path with their music. One that while seemingly just consisting of balls-out rock n' roll, has more to offer than meets the eye.

BIRDHAND will be joining us on Friday night to talk about their forthcoming EP and what 2011 holds for the group.

These and more on The Rising Tide, tonight starting at 8:30pm! Tune in to 88.1fm or!


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