Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey all!

There will be a number of changes occurring with the blog in the coming months! With the show becoming a collective and taking on more and more members, The Rising Tide blog will evolve in new ways that will reflect these changes and also feature contributions from the other collective members!

I would also like to introduce you all to the first new member of the collective: Michal Kamran! As a student and KZSC programmer in her own right, Michal had bee
n mentoring under me for the last quarter and decided to take my offer of joining the collective. Her appreciation for indie rock and local music is something that I think all of our listeners are going to enjoy! You can also tune in to her solo Brit-Pop/Modern British music show, Keep Calm & Carry Headphones on Monday afternoons at 2pm!

Now that brings us to this week's guests:

Have you had your ear check-up yet? No? Then take yourself to the clinic!... Okay that was a terrible joke, but please keep reading.

Noise Clinic are a Santa Cruz multi-national noise-and-experimental rock music act that have travelled the world over, where they have perfected their genre-bendling blend of art, rock, psychedelia, no wave, new wave and noise. They have often shook things up, be it within their guitar-driven sound or the actual members of the group, but haven't let up over the years. And in under a week, they will be bringing their unique take on rock music to the Catalyst (on Wednesday, June 30th) where they will be joined by other local heavyweights Street Lightning and Moon Cadillac.

However, before they make their way to the Catalyst, they will first make their way to the log cabin in the woods and appear on KZSC's The Rising Tide where they will answer questions about their return to town and what the future holds for this kaleidoscopic act.

And a bear... Just because.

See you Friday!

- Lee B.


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