Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gay Genius and The Art Museums on The Rising Tide!

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First off, a quick reminder that a number of photos taken of our last two Rising Tide radio programs, including January 7th's show with The Album Leaf, Carry Yrself Home and The Sacred Orchard and last week's program featuring Man/Miracle and Worker Bee are currently available online right here on our Rising Tide photo account! And for earlier photos of performances from last year, check out photographer Brian Baumgartner's photo page dedicated to the photos he took of performances from last year's shows right here.

With that being said, let's dig into the bands who'll be coming up to our treehouse up in the woods this friday night...

The first of these bands is Gay Genius.

Gay Genius

This local two-piece group is comprised of Nessie from Nessie and Her Beard and Tyler from James Rabbit, both of whom are Rising Tide alum in their own right. The duo banded together as a result of a rapturous performance piece at one of SCUM's Panbandamonium events that took place last year and got together to write last year's release, Perfect Dark. The two trade harmonies and lead vocal duties over synth pop beats that recall Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Soft Cell, among others.

Gay Genius will be coming on to the show on friday night to talk about their collaborations, their forthcoming live performances (including a show this Saturday night, the 22nd) and what the future holds for Gay Genius!

Later on in the evening, The Rising Tide will host SF's own The Art Museums as guests.

The Art Museums

The duo of Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson have played in a number of folk and americana oriented acts both in Santa Cruz and in the bay area. However, joining forces as the Art Museums has taken their music in a decidedly different direction. As last year's Woodsist-issued Rough Frame EP can attest to, the band plunders the sounds of lo-fi indie pop music from the genre's forebears, echoing The Pastels and Guided By Voices, among others.

The group will be performing alongside The Sandwiches, The Soft Bombs and local artist Rachel Fannan (formerly of Sleepy Sun) at Slim's in San Francisco next tuesday, January 25th. But before that, the Art Museums will come on the radio to talk about the show, let us know about their upcoming work, and regale us with stories of being a band to watch for in the big city!

Tune in for these and more on The Rising Tide on KZSC! Tune in to 88.1fm if you're in the Santa Cruz, Monterrey Bay or San Benito counties, or online at starting at 8:30pm!

- DJ PassiveTheory


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