Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey folks,

Hope you all tuned in to hear CP Willsea make some improvisational live noise music last night, it was fun having him on the show and I hope you enjoyed my interview with him as well. Audio from that show should be up by next week (I hope) and audio from the Grand Lake interview should be up sometime very soon (as in, like, the next few days).

SPEAKING OF GRAND LAKE, they invited their film crew to KZSC to film their performance on the Rising Tide and just recently uploaded a pair of videos from their performance (as well as footage from their recent performance at the Crepe Place). Here is Grand Lake performing "It Takes A Horse to Light A House":

Grand Lake - It Takes a Horse to Light a House from Army of Middle on Vimeo.

ALSO, I made a gaffe on last night's broadcast and said that Cool Band Now would be performing on the 5th of February. This was my mistake; next week's guests will be HERMIT CONVENTION and a special guest (a spicy one) so you had better tune in anyway!

Peace out!
- Lee B.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Reel-to-Reel World of CP Willsea

Evening folks,

On this week's edition of The Rising Tide (8:30-10:30 pm PST, listen here), I will be featuring CP Willsea; local artist, record label owner, and pretty much jack-of-all-trades awesome dude from Santa Cruz.

Real revolutionaries rock in the daylight.

CP (or Cole) is not just your run-of-the-mill local experimental musician; he's involved in more creative and engaging projects than I can count. Chief among these projects is his record label, 1019 Records (seen here). 1019 stands out from other national and local record labels in that it is a cassette tape oriented record label, wherein the only way to access music released through 1019 Records is via cassette (which are sold via the website and paypal at a nominal fee). No CDs, no vinyls, just pure DIY craftsmanship without the bullshit involvement of CD pressing and the like.

Up in hurr.

Cole also perfoms solo (under the CP Willsea name) and contributes to two local Santa Cruz-area bands: WOLF CRYSTAL (sc) and PALM YARD (sc). When Cole joins me on The Rising Tide this Friday night, we'll discuss these projects, future 1019 Records releases (including new releases from celebrated local artists such as HERMIT CONVENTION, NEW BENGAL SPICE and THE GROGGS), and premiere a version of the interactive musical installation piece he plans to unveil at Caffe Pergolesi on February 19th. It's going to be great, so tune in!

Feel the vibes, for they are good vibes.

For more on CP Willsea and 1019 Records, check out his site here or read the Santa Cruz Good Times article written by Chris Hopkins here.

- Lee B.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Local Show Low Downn 0)))

Evening folks,

It's my intention that, once a week, I'll update this blog with a segment I'd like to call the Local Show Low Downn 0))) [named, with love, after everyone's favorite tree-costume-wearing doom drone band, Sunn 0)))] where I'll tell you about certain local shows that, in this DJ's esteemed opinion, are well worth your time and resources to go see.

But that's enough yammering for now, it's time to give you the Low Downn 0))):

:::Live @ The Blue Lagoon::: 5$$$
Midnight Snack, THE BROADS (sc), Zoo, & BROWN IRISH (sc)

:::Live @ The Historic Brookdale Lodge::: 12$$$
Bowerbirds & Julie Doiron

:::Live @ The Church::: 3-5$$$
The Dielectrics, A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (sc), & The Kris Special

:::Live @ Caffe Pergolesi::: FREE???
Young Prisms, GREEN FLASH (sc), & WEEKEND (sc)

:::Live @ The Crepe Place::: 8$$$
Judah Nagler, Atheorem & MOUNTAIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL (sc)

:::Live @ 811 Broadway::: FREE/DONATIONS PLZ
MOTHER DUCKER & THE EGGS (sc), Sam Solo, Junk Bones, & Hatchlings!

Oddly enough there are no shows I know of on the 31st. Weird... C'mon, Santa Cruz, you can do better than that!

Also, I'll have the Grand Lake audio up (interview + one song) most likely Monday of next week, profile on CP Willsea will be up on Thursday, also, I implore you, LISTEN TO SURFER BLOOD. Amazing shit.

That's it for now, so I'll leave you all with this:

Hmmm... It just might be time to get my groove on, Secretary of State-style.

- Lee B.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Rising Tide Mission Statement

Evening, eager readers and audiophiles alike.

First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. The name's Lee, and I'm a DJ at KZSC Santa Cruz.

Here I am, doin' my DJ thing.

For a long time I had done a show called Wandering Stars that, for all intents and purposes, was essentially a vanity show. The theme was one I basically copied from a similar show done by a San Diego radio station wherein I'd play 2 hours of moody, downtempo trip-hop or electronic music (i.e. Massive Attack, Portishead, Air, etc.). However, as I got more involved in radio, it dawned on me that I wanted to do something different, and in the winter of 2010 I was given the chance to shake things up a bit.

Poster from a Local Santa Cruz show

And with that opportunity, I wanted to explore a subject that had become of great interest to me lately; the idea of emphasizing rising artists both external to Santa Cruz (i.e. your typical national rising acts) and within the city (and, while admittedly stretching it a bit, being inclusive to all Bay Area artists who could really use the exposure) AAAAAND playing some classic lo-fi music (why not?). That is why I chose to do the Rising Tide; because I feel it is within my duties and responsibilities as a college radio disk jockey to provide the listening public with the kind of media that is not just "of the moment" or novel, but absolutely essential to their lives!

The amount of rock going on here is essential to your life.

That being said, I don't want to fucking dick around. I want to expose people to new and local art and creativity that befits the weird ass nature of Santa Cruz, not your buddy's lame ass Jack Johnson-by-way-of-Sublime dubstep cover project, aite? Also, if I do invite you on the radio, have some goddamn class: No alcohol, no weed, no legitimate or illegitimate drugs, and please try not to swear at all. And don't be a dick, either. Radio's a privilege, not a right.

Michael Cera just heard that you were being a dick on the radio. The shock caused him to stop playing guitar and make three more shitty movies. Thanks a lot, tool.

If you are a Santa Cruz/Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco/whereveraslongasit'snorthofSLO musician and would like to come down and perform/be interviewed live on the air, please drop me an email @ Leave me a myspace link or, hell, if you want to send me some actual recorded material (i.e. tangible CDs or LPs or cassette tapes) you can ask for my mailing address via email, though the minute I get signed up for some weird fetish magazine, you can kiss that kind of immediacy goodbye!

You can also read the blurb I wrote to hype my interview with Grand Lake (WHO ARE PLAYING AT THE CREPE PLACE TOMORROW NIGHT) right here, and rest assured that audio from that very live performance (which was awesome), will be up for your listening pleasure VERY VERY soon.

Upcoming performances/interviews include:

1/29 - CP WILLSEA (sc) - 1019 Records, Wolf Crystal, Palm Yard, tons of stuff as seen here.
- Generally awesome dude. Chill vibes and meaningful songs.
2/12 -
COOL BAND NOW (sc) - Out of control dudes. It's going to get heated.
2/19 - Might be breaking, might have guest
2/26 - Guest host. Will there be a guest live? Maaaaayybeeeee.

See ya'll next time.
- Leerizzle

- Picture 2: Poster by Garrett McGovern
- Picture 3: Photo by Cole Willsea, taken from here