Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seasons Greetings, NYE Show and more!

Hey all,

As I type this, I'm sitting comfortably at home in San Diego enjoying my two or three weeks off from school while being sick as a goddamn tuberculosis sinus infection-ridden mule. Don't ask me how that makes any sense at all, just roll with it.

Anyway, there won't be a typical Rising Tide programme for the next two weeks; the collective's shoes will be filled in by various KZSC DJs programming whatever the hell they want to. This is rather unfortunate, but given the amount of work we have put into the show this past quarter, I'd say that it's only fair to give us a break to spend with our families.

Pictured: Christmas Morning at DJ PassiveTheory's household

That being said, it's my pleasure to let you know that The Rising Tide will be programming on New Years' Eve, and it will be a jam-packed special edition that will be THREE HOURS LONG. That's right! From 7pm until 10pm on New Years Eve, you can tune in to KZSC (88.1fm or to hear a very special edition of The Rising Tide. Will DJ PassiveTheory re-broadcast some of his favorite interviews over the past year? Will there be a super-special guest coming to the station to perform live in the studio? Who knows! (Wrong, I know... Maybe.) You'll just have to tune in to find out!

Also, stay tuned because there will be a blog post in a few days detailing the very first ever Rising Tideys! The Tideys are a series of awards with no actual trophies that I will bestow on some local artists, records, venues and what-not that will only be displayed on this website! This means that they have little-to-no validation outside of this blog! (i.e. Don't read too much into my choices, goddamnit)

Stay tuned for these and much more on The Rising Tide!

- DJ PassiveTheory

P.S. Have a happy holiday, folks!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wooster and Nick Bane!

Hey all,

Quick post because I've been catching up on everything this last week, that being said here goes nothing!

Tonight's primary musical entertainment is Wooster.

What can be said about Wooster that hasn't already been said? They are a highly acclaimed soulful rock act that has graced local institutions like The Catalyst while also taking their talents both up and down the coast numerous times over the past few years. And while the year 2010 may be winding down, the band is planning to end the year with a bang, performing a special New Year's Eve show at Moe's Alley. But before that, the band will appear tonight on The Rising Tide to talk about their experiences of being in a band, and what it's like to be one of Santa Cruz's most talked-about bands!

Also gracing the studio with his presence is my friend and fellow blogger, Nick Bane of Bane Shows.

Nick has been putting on events at the 418 Project in downtown Santa Cruz, as well as The Mill Gallery (R.I.P.) and now 150 Pioneer St. He's a testament to one man ability to bring artists including Maps & Atlases, Baths, Memoryhouse, members of Vivian Girls, Blackbird Blackbird and the like. He'll be coming on the show to talk about the shows he's got coming up, and to discuss what it's like to be a DIY promoter in a town like Santa Cruz.

Tune in to KZSC at 8:30 to hear from these and many more on tonight's Rising Tide! 88.1fm or

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recent Photos and Thanks

Hey all,

I've been meaning to post up these photos that our friend, Brian Baumgartner, took of Grizzel Toe and the guys of FolkYeah! a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Grizzel Toe:


You can check out all of Brian's photography on the show here. If you do, make sure to check out the rest of Brian's photos. He's been taking photos for us since this summer and is about to embark on a voyage which will take him to Australia, so unfortunately we won't have his handy lens and eye for lighting handy for a few months and we're gonna miss him.

That being said, if you or anyone you know would be interested in taking photography of artists performing inside the studio for The Rising Tide, please email us at and let us know! We even want people to come film performances (because that would be some rad shit).

- DJ PassiveTheory

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Friday of G's: The Groggs and Getaway Girl live on The Rising Tide!

Hey all,

It's just about the end of the scholastic quarter at UCSC, and as the leaves turn to brown and eventually hit the ground, most of our collective members are hard at work catching up on the academic travail that they happened to neglect up to this point. Oh well, everybody loves a procrastinator!

That being said, we here at the Rising Tide, as always, are working to provide you the best in local music programming, as well as the focal point of spotlighting a different independent artist live in the studio each and every week. This week we have two such artists.

First off, let me introduce you to The Groggs.

This local garage rock three-piece is slowly becoming an institution in the city of Santa Cruz. If you want to listen to a band whose music feels like a five o'clock shadow repeatedly punching you in the face until you keel ovel, and then makes out with your girl while standing over you... Then this is your band. Echoing recent garage rock revivalists like The Black Lips and Mark Sultan, The Groggs are a band that have made a name for themselves amid a scene as vast and colorful as Santa Cruz's by playing loud and playing fast. They'll join us on The Rising Tide tonight to talk about their recently released EP 3D, to talk about their upcoming shows this month, and play some previously unheard new songs!

Our second guest tonight is a local artist by the name of Getaway Girl.

As Getaway Girl, local singer-songwriter Courtney Jones displays her virtuosity with the piano, crafting gorgeous and captivating songs in the vein of fellow piano-based singer-songwriters like Regina Spektor. Getaway Girl imbues a familiar style of music with a fresh new perspective, using her experiences in the world to break away from the pack and set herself apart from everyone else. Tune in Friday night at 8:30 to hear Getaway Girl perform songs from her new EP, Say It Through The Flowers, and to hear about her upcoming performance next Friday night at the Asana Tea House in downtown Santa Cruz.

These and more if you tune in to 88.1fm or go online to tonight around 8:30 and listen to The Rising Tide on KZSC Santa Cruz!