Thursday, March 31, 2011

The She's and Hod on The Rising Tide this friday night!

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that you can follow us on Twitter right here. I'm not promising a whole lot, but if you do follow us, chances are you'll be the first to hear announcements about our upcoming interviews, the first to see photos of recent performances we've put up on our Picasa page, and the first to hear about all upcoming news and things concerning your favorite local music radio show!

That being said, let me introduce you to our first of two guests for tomorrow night's program, The SHE'S.

Hailing from San Francisco, The SHE'S are proof positive that making great music has no arbitrary age requirement. Much has been made of the group members' relative youth (they're in high school), but one need not delve too far into their music to find out that the band's ability to craft melodies with quality pop sensibilities reaches far beyond what one would expect for a group of musicians their age. Their sound can be described as indebted to the likes of the Shangri-Las, Herman's Hermits and the Beach Boys as far as structure goes, but The SHE'S bring that 50s-60s surf pop style of music into the modern era, having caught the attention of groups like AB & The Sea, Best Coast and Christopher Owens of Girls (who subsequently put the group on the map by having them open their Fillmore show last October).

The SHE'S will be stopping by our studio this friday night to talk about their ascension into bay area indie stardom, the pressures of being in a touted band at their age, and to perform a special acoustic set highlighting some of the songs from their self-titled (I think) EP.

After that, we'll be treated to a very special visit to the station by Hod Hulphers, better known to the people of Santa Cruz as ...And Hod.

A solo artist in his own right, Hod has been active in the music community of Santa Cruz for many years, as you can often spot him playing at the Crepe Place where his take on folk and music has found a home. That being said, the reason for Hod's appearance on the show this week is that he's in the midst of promoting a very special event taking place this weekend.

On Saturday night, Hod and a whole host of other musicians (including Little Wings, Sugar Shack (featuring Keith Thompson from The Groggs) and the Snow Buddies) will be performing at the Crepe Place to help fund raise for the Santa Cruz’s Bachelor Buddies Production Company's upcoming production of the film Johnny and the Golden Bouzouki. A parody of 70s action/adventure films, Johnny is Hod's most recent foray into the art of musicals. Hod will also be bringing the film's star (Johnny Diamonds) up to the station tomorrow night with him to talk about the film, his own experiences in music, and what the future holds for Hod.

These and more when you tune into The Rising Tide tomorrow night at 8:30pm! or 88.1fm.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Victims Family, Dan Potthast and Bam! Bam! on The Rising Tide tonight

Hey there,

With the new quarter fast approaching, expect to hear from some fresh new faces as our Rising Tide family grows to include even more DJs.

That being said, we've got a wonderful trio of guests for tonight's program. It's going to be one of the most musically diverse shows we've ever had!

We'll first welcome into our studio a band from Oakland by the name of Bam! Bam!

This Oakland based two-piece have been kicking around thrashy, lo-fi garage pop jams for the better part of the last year. Though the group has yet to officially release any of their recordings, they have been steadily building a fan-base, taking their no-frills sound with them up and down the coast of California and taking no prisoners along the way. Fans of Black Tambourine, Beat Happening and fellow s.f. lo-fi artist Grass Widow ought to take note of this band, for once they get around to putting out non-demo recordings into the world, their star is bound to take off.

Tune in at 8:30 to catch the ladies of Bam! Bam! as they come to our studio to perform some songs live in the studio and talk about what the future holds for the band.

Then we'll welcome Dan Potthast to our studio.

Once hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this ska-punk legend has firmly planted himself in Santa Cruz. As a founding member of MU330, as well as the leader of Dan P. and the Bricks (among other projects), Dan has been making music for over twenty years. He's opened for acts like Streetlight Manifesto, continues to make music that appeals to fans of Buck-O-Nine, and is active to this day.

Dan P. will be joining us live in the studio tonight to talk about making music in his adopted home town and the upcoming show with his band The Stitch Up this Saturday night, March 26th at the Crepe Place, where they will be performing alongside The New Trust and The Smoking Popes.

Last but not least, we have for you a very special interview that was taped last night with Victims Family.

This legendary Santa Rosa punk band is world-reknown for their unique fusion of hardcore punk, jazz and experimental noise. As a Nor Cal institution that has existed for over 25 years, Victims Family have performed with the likes of The Dead Kennedys, Nirvana, Green Day, Faith No More, and hundreds of other incredible bands. Though the group has sporadically broken up over the years, they've come back together in 2010 to perform and re-release their first three records on vinyl, starting with 1990's White Bread Blues.

I chatted up the group's guitarist, Ralph Spight, last night via Skype on a breadth of subjects, and if you tune in to the show tonight, you can hear our conversation in full. One of the things we did talk about is Victims Family's show this Saturday night, March 26th at the Catalyst with Catacomb Creeps and (Rising Tide alum) Noise Clinic, which is bound to be a hellraiser of a concert.

These and more when you tune into the show tonight starting at 8:30pm! Listen live at or tune in to 88.1 fm.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blackbird Raum and Rachel Bockover on The Rising Tide tonight

I'm excited for tonight's show, folks.

As one of the most infamous bands from Santa Cruz, Blackbird Raum have a reputation as folk-punk pioneers that preceeds them.

The group, which started back in 2003, have gained a following that far outstrips that of hundreds of better coiffed, more polished, traditionally popular acts. They've done so by refusing to compromise their sound or their wills. The group frequently takes their music to the streets of downtown Santa Cruz, where the size of the crowds they tend to attract has become the stuff of legend. Fans of Andrew Jackson Jihad and Defiance, Ohio will relish the band's retroacoustic sound. One that is driven by a fiery punk passion that may surprise those who are used to hearing banjos and violins associated with milquetoast performance art.

The group will be coming onto The Rising Tide tonight to talk about their ascent into being one of Santa Cruz's most popular acts, their upcoming performance at the 418 Project with O'Death, Helado Negro and Rising Tide alums Tether Horse on Friday, March 25th, and maybe tell us what the future holds for Blackbird Raum.

Our other musical guest for the evening will be Healdsburg's own Rachel Bockover.

A singer-songwriter whose output is all the more impressive given the multiple roles she fills as the writer, producer and performer of all instruments on her recordings. Steeped in the quasi-gothic folk of heroines Tori Amos and Elizabeth Frasier (of the Cocteau Twins), Rachel's music brings together her years of musical experience, empowering her soulful balladry with a perspective that is all her own.

Rachel is currently in the midst of recording her debut record, Tightrope Walk, and will appear on The Rising Tide tonight to talk about the process of getting her debut album together, and what it's like to be a young up and coming artist in her position.

Tune in to this and more on The Rising Tide tonight at 8;30pm. 88.1fm or!

- DJ PassiveTheory

Friday, March 11, 2011

Zine of the Week (11 March 2011): The ABC's of Anarchy

Between rolling your eyes at the name of this zine and checking your tumblr, you really ought to actually check out this zine. Read it from cover to cover- fun images and a light-hearted approach to radical politics. This zine was made for people of all ages as a fun introduction to anarchy rather than some thick tome that is most likely used as a step stool in the bathrooms of students nation-wide.
 I always suggest that y'all support your local zinester but for those of y'all who can't or refuse to, so you can support the revolution (your local liquor store), you can now get this zine fore free: here.

If you want us to review your zine on the blog or on air send an e-mail to

Honeymoon & Birdhouse on The Rising Tide tonight

Hey all,

I know that we we're advertising a pre-recorded interview with Yann Tiersen for this week, but due to a screw-up that was entirely my fault, we weren't able to get the interview done. My apologies.

That being said, we're going to be hosting two class act local bands on the show this evening! The first of which is Honeymoon.

Recalling the likes of Dawn Landes, Alela Diane and Feist, this bay area quartet's multi-harmony take on indie-folk has caught on like wildifre ever since the band began performing together last year. The group's profile has seen itself rise as they have opened for the likes of David Gray, Jackie Green and Ray LaMontagne among others. The group released 2010's After The Flood EP to a rapturous welcoming at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, and have more to come in 2011.

Tune in tonight to hear Honeymoon talk about their meteoric rise in the folk music world, what it feels like to pal around with Phil Lesh, preview some brand new unreleased music and talk about their upcoming tour with the Truth & Salvage Co. which will be kicked off with a performance at the Fernwood Lodge in Big Sur on saturday night.

Also on the show this evening, Birdhouse.

Birdhouse make no bones about their sound: They are devoted acolytes of the Grateful Dead. In fact, the group began as a Dead tribute band back in 2009. However, along the way, the group began writing their own songs and building a grassroots fan base that has followed them loyally as they've gone on to perform at various venues around the city of Santa Cruz, most recently a star-making performance out at the Brookdale Lodge.

Tune in tonight to hear from Birdhouse as they perform a special acoustic set in our studio, answer our questions about what 2011 holds, and tell us about their upcoming performance opening up for Ploughman in the Catalyst Atrium on saturday night.

These and more if you tune in to The Rising Tide tonight at 8:30pm on KZSC Santa Cruz. 88.1fm or listen online at!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Growlers, Mylo Jenkins, Tater Famine & More Tonight!

Hey all,

March is here! And as a special treat for all of you, we've lined up an incredible series of guests and live performances that reach across the genre spectrum! Check out our list of upcoming performers for more details, but let's get back to what's happening on tonight's show!

Our first interview comes courtesy of a group that sold out The Crepe Place last weekend, The Growlers.

This multifaceted psychedelic surf rock act rocketed out of Costa Mesa, California in 2006, and haven't looked back since. The band's music shares the same musical shelf space as garage rock luminaries like Ty Segall, JEFF The Brotherhood and The Fresh & Only's but also recall the psychedelic strain of The Entrance Band and The Mantles.

Propelled by the success of 2010's Hot Tropics, The Growlers have been tearing it up all over the country and even around the world. Performances at the FYF Fest in LA (which we covered back in September) and this year's Noise Pop festival in SF indicate that the group is on the rise.

Tune in on Friday night to hear our interview with the group, what it's like to be an up and coming indie rock act, and what expectations they have of themselves for 2011 and beyond.

After that, we'll be playing host to one of Santa Cruz's most promising acts, Tater Famine.

A folk-punk trio from right here in Santa Cruz, Tater Famine have emerged as one of the perennial folk punk bands of our local scene, joining the ranks of similarly thrashy folk such as Blackbird Raum and Matador. The group has steadily climbed the ranks of the music scene in town, having played all over the city, and are quickly becoming a fixture in the city of Santa Cruz.

Not content to perform only within the confines of our town, Tater Famine have taken their act on the road to promote 2009's An Untimely Fashion, and have performed all over the coast and even in Europe.

The Tater Famine boys will be bringing their eclectic sound to our studio up in the forest tonight around 8:30 to play a few songs, talk about their upcoming show at The Crepe Place on March 17th, and tell us a few stories about being a band out on the road.

After that, make sure to stay tuned for our third guest of the night, Mylo Jenkins.

Mylo Jenkins is a seven-piece folk and americana act from Santa Cruz. Lead by Dan Kocher and featuring a roster of Santa Cruz musicians (some of whom perform in the local folk group Tether Horse), they band was on hiatus for a few years, but recently came to play a series of shows at The Crepe Place.

We'll be welcoming a number of the Mylo Jenkins crew to talk about their upcoming show supporting Jared Mees and the Grown Children at the Crepe Place this sunday, as well as what 2011 holds for the group.

These and more when you tune into The Rising Tide tonight at 8:30pm! Listen in at 88.1fm or