Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Reel-to-Reel World of CP Willsea

Evening folks,

On this week's edition of The Rising Tide (8:30-10:30 pm PST, listen here), I will be featuring CP Willsea; local artist, record label owner, and pretty much jack-of-all-trades awesome dude from Santa Cruz.

Real revolutionaries rock in the daylight.

CP (or Cole) is not just your run-of-the-mill local experimental musician; he's involved in more creative and engaging projects than I can count. Chief among these projects is his record label, 1019 Records (seen here). 1019 stands out from other national and local record labels in that it is a cassette tape oriented record label, wherein the only way to access music released through 1019 Records is via cassette (which are sold via the website and paypal at a nominal fee). No CDs, no vinyls, just pure DIY craftsmanship without the bullshit involvement of CD pressing and the like.

Up in hurr.

Cole also perfoms solo (under the CP Willsea name) and contributes to two local Santa Cruz-area bands: WOLF CRYSTAL (sc) and PALM YARD (sc). When Cole joins me on The Rising Tide this Friday night, we'll discuss these projects, future 1019 Records releases (including new releases from celebrated local artists such as HERMIT CONVENTION, NEW BENGAL SPICE and THE GROGGS), and premiere a version of the interactive musical installation piece he plans to unveil at Caffe Pergolesi on February 19th. It's going to be great, so tune in!

Feel the vibes, for they are good vibes.

For more on CP Willsea and 1019 Records, check out his site here or read the Santa Cruz Good Times article written by Chris Hopkins here.

- Lee B.


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