Friday, November 5, 2010

TRT 11/5/10 - Toes n' Folk

Hey all,

Sorry for keeping quiet this week. We've been working up to the last minute in trying to put together an awesome show to kick-start the month of November, and I think we've assembled an impressive lineup for tonight!

First off, we'll be hearing from Britt Govea, the man behind FolkYeah! productions. Britt has, in recent years, established his organization as a linchpin in Nor Cal's indie rock, psychedelic rock and (naturally) folk circles.

He's brought the likes of Animal Collective, The Arcade Fire, Beach House, Conor Oberst, The XX, Dirty Projectors and Cat Power to our neck of the woods, and has also featured local artists such as Mountain Animal Hospital and Sleepy Sun. His booking of the Brookdale Lodge has made it a local music hotspot.

Tune in to hear Britt talk about FolkYeah, it's recent run of successful shows in and around the Santa Cruz area, and perhaps some interesting news concerning the Dean Wareheim (Galaxie 500) show at Don Quixote's next Friday night...

Not only that, but The Rising Tide will play host this week to Santa Cruz's very own Grizzel Toe. Born from the ashes of one of SC's most exciting bands, Grizzel Toe re-emerged this summer and garnered enough attention to open for Wavves at the Crepe Place without having any songs made public! (or... at least none on myspace).

Believe the hype.

These Sonic Youth disciples will be coming in to the studio tonight at 8:30 to talk about their new project, where they think their music will take them, and when (if?) we might be able to get any of their recorded material.

Tune in tonight at 8:30 for these and much more on The Rising Tide! You can tune in at 88.1fm if you're in the Central Coast or if you're outside of that range.

- DJ PassiveTheory


raoul tesla said...

passive theory ain't passive...
like a bomb is passive...
kuz' he is the Bomb
after a 12 hour day you chilled me up
keep it rollin' theory man

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