Friday, February 25, 2011

Zine of The Week (25 February 2011): Rad Damage

In need of some visual stimulation? I'm not talking about anything sexual. I'm talking about a zine hailing from up North, or as Santa Cruzans say, "over the hill."  Rad Damage is a zine of epic art and odd designs that will blow you away. This zine tells the story of strange creatures in bizarre places.

If you dig the image, you'd probably dig the zine even more. You can get the zine through trade or by contacting the artists through their blogspot:

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good People on The Rising Tide

Hey all,

The weather's been strange and my life has been stranger, so let's just get down to business and let me tell you about a little band that I know called Good People.

This rag-tag group of Santa Cruz musicians has been kicking it together since late 2009. Though individually schooled in different forms of music, the group music takes on indie rock, afro beat, math rock and dance rock with equal parts fervor and ambition. The group draws on influence as far flung as Fela Kuti, Discovery, Ryland Bouchard and Tera Melos.

The fivesome have pulled off a couple of coups in Santa Cruz, opening up for local folk punk heavyweights Blackbird Raum and also sharing a Crepe Place bill with the likes of Hermit Convention and Magic Bullets, but the band has stayed largely inactive since the summer, only venturing forth for a couple of shows. The reason for this is that the group has been hard at work completing their debut full-length (which has ten official titles, reflecting the band's quirky nature, but for simplicity's sake we'll call it Good People) which is bound to come out soon.

Good People will be coming into the studio this friday night to talk about their band, what it's like to balance the pressures of being students at UCSC while also trying to make a band work, and what 2011 holds for the group.

This and more on tomorrow night's Rising Tide! Tune in around 8:30pm at 88.1fm or listen online at!

- DJ PassiveTheory

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zine of The Week (18 February 2011): Electric Annihilation #1

It's unfortunate that this review is so late in coming but it's better late than never. Electric Annihilation #1 is one of those rare zines that not only reviews and questions music but isn't afraid to cover the bands that aren't being covered. This zine was put together partially by a group of ex-desert rats at large in the bay area, one of them, Tynan Krakoff runs DNT records an indie label built upon a pile of cassette tapes and vinyl, you've never heard before and probably should.

This zine features a quickie-interview with everyone's favorite punk-rocker gone actor now DJ and spoken word artist- Henry Rollins, about the noise music genre and how it stands to serve the next generation as the rebellious iconoclast music that refuses to be co-opted and has actually managed to do this with some degree of success.
Getting a copy of this awesome newspaper styled zine might be a little tricky. There are a few copies of it hangin' around Streetlight Records where the free zines are behind the cash register in the front for the time being but you can also get one by going to the DNT records website or possibly if you chance upon it around San Francisco.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Zine of The Week (11 February 2011): Smart Tart #1

This week's zine of the week is Smart Tart #1 a sex-positive zine that is trans and queer inclusive and hails the bay area. This zine is full of cool images that appear to have been made by stamp, which for those who don't know, can be rather difficult. This zine has the classic feel of the chapbooks of decades past because of the type-writer font and cool heavily photocopied images.

If you want to get your grubby little fingers on this zine (and trust me you do!) you can get it at the SubRosa Infoshop or online here (free download on-line!), or you can e-mail the makers of this fine zine at:

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Birdhand, Jeremy Lyon and more on tonight's Rising Tide

Hey all,

Hopefully many of you will profit from this extended holiday weekend and venture out into the cold, rainy winter weather that's finally set itself down on Santa Cruz to see some shows in the area. We at the Rising Tide will be giving you all the help you need to find out about great shows in and around Santa Cruz by virtue of the Concert Calendar we now have displayed on the sidebar of the blog! Until we get it updated with actual shows, though, make sure to check out Keith Thompson's blog for day-of show information for everything happening in Santa Cruz!

That being said, tonight's show is going to feature two very special local guests that are sure to delight those of you who tune in tonight:

Jeremy Lyon is an emerging singer-songwriter originally from San Francisco who moved to Santa Cruz to attend UC Santa Cruz.

Jeremy's songwriting prowess reveals the influence from classic rock staples like Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, though he takes the foundation laid down by such legends and brings it up to date (and funks it up) resulting in a modern rock sound that places his sound closer to artists such as My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon.

His most recent work, January's Take It Back EP, clearly shows an artist who is growing both musically and thematically without losing one ounce of the ambition that makes him an artist to watch for in the near future.

Jeremy, a KZSC DJ in his own right who programs the show Devil's Music every Sunday night at 7:30pm with DJ Bobo Z, will be heading up to our tree cabin in the woods tonight to talk about his recent releases and his upcoming solo acoustic performance at the Santa Cruz Roasting Company this Saturday night where he'll be performing with Thema Tillman.

After that, we'll be joined by one of Santa Cruz's most promising new bands, BIRDHAND.

Formerly known as Brown Irish, BIRDHAND consists entirely of Santa Cruz musicians who have found success in other local bands, and the pooled experience is evident in the way that the band has played things cool and calm, opening for bands like Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band and even the legendary Bad Brains like it's no big thing.

As a live band, BIRDHAND draws on the blunt force derived from one of their chief influences, Queens of the Stone Age, but as music from their forthcoming-yet-untitled EP leaks out, the band is evidently taking a more adventurous, nuanced path with their music. One that while seemingly just consisting of balls-out rock n' roll, has more to offer than meets the eye.

BIRDHAND will be joining us on Friday night to talk about their forthcoming EP and what 2011 holds for the group.

These and more on The Rising Tide, tonight starting at 8:30pm! Tune in to 88.1fm or!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birdhouse, Gwyneth & Monko, and Laura Meyer Rock The Crepe Place

The Rising Tide is all about great local music, and as a lover of the local music scene here in Santa Cruz I make a point of hitting up as many shows as possible each month. Last Wednesday, February 9th, I was able to hear some extraordinary local live music at one of Santa Cruz's gems of a venue, The Crepe Place. Unfortunately, I missed out on the first act of the evening, which consisted of the musical talent of Laura Meyer who I heard had an excellent show.

When I did finally arrive, the house was cool and calm for the second act as the two man band, Gwyneth & Monko played their signature Americana rock music. Listeners were completely engaged by the duo who truly sang and played their hearts out. Each of them belted out beautiful lyrics and strummed acoustic guitars.

Gwyneth & Monko

Though the opening acts were a wonderful way to start the evening, it was the headliner, Birdhouse that really got the drinks flowing and the crowd going. By the time the amazing Santa Cruz jam band was set up, the house was full and the energy escalating. The fellas of Birdhouse, were able to turn calm into crazy as their enthusiastic fans began to dance and sing along with every song. The guys played several of their well-known hits as well as much of their new music.


The show at The Crepe Place was terrific fun and I strongly recommend to our readers and listeners to always check out local shows and to keep an ear out for Birdhouse; a band on the rise and soon to be on The Rising Tide!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

John Vanderslice, Skeletal System & Audiafauna on The Rising Tide

Hey all,

It's the second week of February, and we here on The Rising Tide are going to heat things up with a trio of performers that are sure to match the warmth of this indian winter we're having up here in sunny Santa Cruz.

First off, we'll be hearing from one of San Francisco's most prolific artists, John Vanderslice.

With a career spanning nearly two decade, John has recorded with the likes of The Mountain Goats, Death Cab for Cutie, Beulah, Spoon and Mates of State, and also fronted the band MK Ultra. Aside from that, he has steadily put out solo records since 2000's Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, most recently releasing his collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra titled White Wilderness (you can listen to a preview of the record here).

John is also a major musical force in the city, not only constructing one of the city's most treasured recording locales, Tiny Telephone studios, but serving on the board of advisers for The Bay Bridged and teaching songwriting classes for grade school children at a local non-profit organization.

We'll be talking with John before he takes the stage tonight at The Crepe Place (with Hod opening) about White Wilderness, how he views his role as a stalwart of San Francisco's independent music scene, and what the future holds for him and his music.

After that, we'll welcome our first of two live local acts, Skeletal System.

This two piece from San Francisco have been quickly making a name for themselves, exhibiting their own take on murky darkwave shoegaze very much in the vein of artists like School of Seven Bells, Memoryhouse and Tan Dollar, while having shared the stage with artists such as Sunbeam Rd., Woodsman and Maus Haus.

Skeletal System released a 5 song EP and single for Small Talk / Static Eyes last year that you can listen to here on their bandcamp page. Make sure to tune in and hear the group perform some of their songs and talk about what 2011 holds for Skeletal System.

To round out the show, we'll be welcoming in Santa Cruz's own Audiafauna into the studio.

This local six-piece has taken it's indie folk-meets-electronic music sound all over the country, and is just coming off of a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance their debut full-length record that will be out sometime in the new year!
Kelly Koval's vocals recall Cat Power's Chan Marshall, and the band's fusion of traditional folk instrumentation and electronic beat-making technology set them far apart from the rest of the field. You can listen to their three song EP, The Leaflet, on bandcamp by clicking that link.

Audiafauna will enter our studio on friday night to talk about their band's whirlwind-like rise to the top of the local scene, and what 2011 has in store for the group.

This and much, MUCH more on The Rising Tide on KZSC, this friday night at 8:30pm. Tune in to 88.1fm or log in to to listen!!!!! WOOOO.

- DJ PassiveTheory

Monday, February 7, 2011

Zine of the Week (6 Feb. 2011): Haich

Howdy all,

The Rising Tide isn't just a place for new and local bands but also for artistic expression locally. With that, I must admit that this week's zine comes from Australia. We are setting the bar pretty high to start. Below is the cover of this art zine of epic proportions.

This zine contains experimental poetry that to me reflects the disconnected aspect of a society that is stuck in the state of increasing connectedness with an increasing disconnectedness. As technology makes everyone better connected the more people seem to reject it.  Also, this slick zine beats your dumpstered coffee table book of the history of bowling (maybe not) and offers up a whole new level of creative combination. You can view the zine in individual page selections online at the blog listed below.

If you want a copy of this beautiful work of futuristic/ sometimes steam punk & cyber-punk themed art or you just want to check it out, check out the groups blogspot:

Remember if you have made a zine and you want it reviewed, mail it to KZSC with: c/o The Rising Tide or e-mail a digital copy to

Friday, February 4, 2011

Finish Ticket // Ayana and the Queers

Hello Bloggers!!!

Last week we had Blackbird Blackbird and Old Arc come into the station and perform live, which was amazing. After they performed, we carried on with a unique performance by The Mystery Lights. If you didn't get a chance to hear them, please check out all of the above artists by clicking on their names :]!

We have an exciting lineup planned for tonight, February 4th.

First we have Finish Ticket, a young band who has already opened for the 2010 Not So Silent Night show. Finish Ticket is an alternative/indie pop band from the San Francisco Bay area, made up of five young musicians. In September of 2009, they released their EP, "Life Underwater," which is available at The guitarist of Finish Ticket goes to UCSC and will be joining us tonight - speaking on behalf of the band. I am more than excited for this band, they play amazing music!

Finish Ticket

Second, we have a local Santa Cruz band, who call themselves Ayana and the Queers, but say they are unsure about keeping the name. Any suggestions? Either way, they are new and have a lot of energy, so tune in for a fun interview and new songs! Ayana and the Queers also have an upcoming show - most likely on Valentine's Day at the Blue Lagoon, so stay tuned for more information.

Signing out,
DJ Greek Freak