Friday, July 30, 2010

Spirits of the Red City

Hello all, Rigamarole here. I guess this is my first blog post. Cool.

Anyways, you're in for a treat tonight. At the Rising Tide, we're working on not only bringing you the best new music from Santa Cruz, but also great music that passes through our lovely little city.

Last weekend I caught a great performance by Minneapolis folk band, Spirits of the Red City, at Subrosa, with local acts, Pet Dander, which is our live guest tonight, as well as Madrona and Hermit Convention. They managed to pack 8 members, a cello, mandolin, guitars, drum set, viola, banjo, accordion, upright bass and a bunch of fans, or soon-to-be fans into the room, and made it seem like a huge, echoing space.

I caught up with the band the next night, before a fantastic show at Sunny Cove Beach, where they played right on the sand, along with another great band from Austin, Some Say Leland. You can hear the interview on the Rising Tide tonight, at 9 p.m.! Check out their Myspace, and if you can, see them tomorrow at Anno Domini art gallery in San Jose.


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