Friday, June 10, 2011

The Blank Tapes on The Rising Tide tonight!

Hey all,

It's graduation time for UCSC students, and yours truly has been busy getting things in order to move on from the world of education, so I will keep this short. Tha being said, don't fret about the fate of the show, as we will continue to bring to you the best and brightest of local music and beyond throughout the entire summer! We'll be sticking around at the usual time slot of 7pm on friday nights!

That brings me to our guests for the evening, The Blank Tapes.

The Blank Tapes unique take on surf rock and indie rock places them in the company of other San Francisco-based luminaries like Sonny & The Sunsets, Beulah and Ty Segall. The group, fronted by charismatic jack-of-all-trades Matt Adams, have been at it for 5 years, gaining a following that has shifted and grown through the group's numerous releases.

On tonight's program, the Blank Tapes will be our guests in the studio and tell us what they have in store for 2011.

Make sure to tune in tonight starting at 7pm! 88.1 fm or!