Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two for the price of one!... So... It's free as long as you have an internet connection.

Lame jokes aside, it's my pleasure to introduce the guests for this Friday night's edition of The Rising Tide: HERMIT CONVENTION and NEW BENGAL SPICE, two solo artists who are going to BLOW YOUR MIND TO FUCKING PIECES, if you would excuse my French.

But who are these two mysterious gentlemen whose presence looms large on the Santa Cruz indie music scene?

What is Hermit Convention!? What is New Bengal Spice?! How are they relevant to my BEING!??!? AUGH, the suspense, it's killing me!

Hermit Convention is the project of the one-man, bass-wielding, face-melting giant, Craig P. He's been a fixture in Santa Cruz's local music scene for farrrrrrrrrrrrr longer than I've been around town, and with good reason to. Whenever I see Hermit Convention listed on a bill for a show in town, I know that there will be good times to be had, as he's practically the only artist in town who doesn't have to fill a house with cacophonous noise in order to keep a crowd attentive. Nah, HC is all about luring people in with the promise of simplicity (a man + his bass + a loop pedal) and then absolutely overwhelming you with the kind of lyrical wit and personality so many bands strive for.

Just keep on layin' down those vibes, dude.

New Bengal Spice is the solo-project of Peter Wallner, and he too will fuck your shit up. Even the mere thought of having Peter join Craig on the Rising Tide is life-threatening to say the least. Especially given the spectacle that is New Bengal Spice live; searing guitars and a keen pop sensibility that ties all the noise and loops together in a nice, in your face package. Peter also currently drums for local sensations Green Flash and used to be member of the band Sheena, so he too has been around the block (so-to-speak) in Santa Cruz far, far longer than yours truly.

I'm in ur local scene, tak'n da spotlight.

And with that, I will leave you all with this picture of a gorilla and a shark high-fiving each other while an explosion occurs in the background to symbolize the explosive prowess and team ethic of these two solo artist who, coincidentally, are set to release a split ep/tape/release-thing through 1019 records. Hmmm... now where have I heard of that record label before? Regardless, I implore you to tune in to KSC this Friday night, starting at 8:30 for more awesomeness.

- Lee B.

P.S. Check out the sidebar for some live vids featuring both performers as well as upcoming performers including COOL BAND NOW, MOUNTAIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL and JAMES RABBIT (to be updated soon).

Photo 1 Credit: Ken Kouot
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