Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey folks,

Hope you all tuned in to hear CP Willsea make some improvisational live noise music last night, it was fun having him on the show and I hope you enjoyed my interview with him as well. Audio from that show should be up by next week (I hope) and audio from the Grand Lake interview should be up sometime very soon (as in, like, the next few days).

SPEAKING OF GRAND LAKE, they invited their film crew to KZSC to film their performance on the Rising Tide and just recently uploaded a pair of videos from their performance (as well as footage from their recent performance at the Crepe Place). Here is Grand Lake performing "It Takes A Horse to Light A House":

Grand Lake - It Takes a Horse to Light a House from Army of Middle on Vimeo.

ALSO, I made a gaffe on last night's broadcast and said that Cool Band Now would be performing on the 5th of February. This was my mistake; next week's guests will be HERMIT CONVENTION and a special guest (a spicy one) so you had better tune in anyway!

Peace out!
- Lee B.


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