Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Rising Tide Concert Calender + More

Hey all,

I have a message for all of you, but first, I want to let you all know about some awesome local shows happening in town this week.

HERMIT CONVENTION (sc) + THE BROADS (sc) + HEAVEN (C.P. Wilsea) (sc)
@ MetaVinyl Records - Tomorrow night! (11/12)
Show starts at 7pm. FREE

TIME MACHINE MODULUS (sc) + A bunch of bands that I don't really care for
@ The Paul Sweet House - Tomorrow night! (11/12)
Show starts at 8pm. FREE

BIRDHAND (aka Brown Irish) (sc) + THE LUXURY SWEETS (sf) + Some dude from TSOL
@ The Blue Lagoon - Tomorrow night! (11/12)
Show starts at 9pm. 10$?... Might be less at the door? (21+)

@ The Crepe Place - Saturday night! (11/13)
Show starts at 9pm. 8$

TETHERHORSE (sc) + Some singer-songwriters that I don't know
@ The Poet and the Patriot - Saturday night! (11/13)
Show starts at 9pm. FREE (21+)

THE BROADS (sc) + High Places + Some other band
@ The Crepe Place - Monday night! (11/15)
Show starts at 9pm. 10$

@ The Crepe Place - Wednesday night! (11/17)
Show starts at 9pm. 10$

@ The Poet and the Patriot - next Thursday night! (11/18)
Show starts at 9pm. FREE (21+)

GRAND LAKE (oak/sf) + MATADOR (sc) + JEREMY LYON + A jam band
@ The Crepe Place - next Friday night! (11/19)
Show starts at 9pm. 10$

I'm seriously not going to list all the myspace pages for these bands unless you ask.

Now, down to business.

We at The Rising Tide are trying to bring you guys the best in local music and music that happens to be coming through this town. It takes a considerable amount of effort to put on this program, and it seems like every single week we're scrambling together to put a show on for everyone.

I really want this to change. I want to be able to set up guests in advance so that we can promote the goings-on of The Rising Tide before the day of the show. If you are a local band and would like to get on the radio for an intimate performance and interview, or if you know a local band that would love to be on the radio, please for the love of fucking god let us know.

Email us at Please. We want to profile local musicians, but it is really fucking hard to spend the time contacting every single band in (and around) Santa Cruz about appearing on the show. I just think this system is broken; this is a resource that people should be taking advantage of, not something that should be haphazardly thrown together every single week.

I know none of this is going to change no matter how hard I try to get people to cooperate with me, and that sucks. That being said, keep an eye out because at some point this weekend we'll be putting up some of the photos taken at last week's episode of The Rising Tide with the members of FolkYeah! and Grizzle Toe.

- DJ PassiveTheory


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