Monday, January 24, 2011

The Scarring Party coming to the Crepe Place!

Hello all!

This announcement may be a bit premature and I will most likely post again as the time draws near but the Scarring Party are coming to the Crepe Place on April 28th with The Post Street Rhythm Peddlers. The Scarring Party is a dark cabaret band that has revived the sounds of 20's cabaret and vaudeville and mixed it with punk beats of a bygone age. They are descending on Santa Cruz from their native home of Milwaukee, a land renowned for its beer, post-industrial splendor and now The Scarring Party itself.

The band has recently released their second album and be sure to listen to the rising tide for a taste of dark cabaret more towards the 10 o'clock hour as April approaches. Also, for those who love dark cabaret, gypsy, and  klezmer music, keep an eye out for the Underscore Orchestra coming to the Crepe Place March 24th or go see Gogol Bordello at Coachellafest, about six minutes from my mom's house, no joke!

I used to play them on my old show Baro Faro Death Circus for those who listened to it on KZSC.

listen here or here


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