Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Local Show Low Downn 0)))

Evening folks,

It's my intention that, once a week, I'll update this blog with a segment I'd like to call the Local Show Low Downn 0))) [named, with love, after everyone's favorite tree-costume-wearing doom drone band, Sunn 0)))] where I'll tell you about certain local shows that, in this DJ's esteemed opinion, are well worth your time and resources to go see.

But that's enough yammering for now, it's time to give you the Low Downn 0))):

:::Live @ The Blue Lagoon::: 5$$$
Midnight Snack, THE BROADS (sc), Zoo, & BROWN IRISH (sc)

:::Live @ The Historic Brookdale Lodge::: 12$$$
Bowerbirds & Julie Doiron

:::Live @ The Church::: 3-5$$$
The Dielectrics, A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (sc), & The Kris Special

:::Live @ Caffe Pergolesi::: FREE???
Young Prisms, GREEN FLASH (sc), & WEEKEND (sc)

:::Live @ The Crepe Place::: 8$$$
Judah Nagler, Atheorem & MOUNTAIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL (sc)

:::Live @ 811 Broadway::: FREE/DONATIONS PLZ
MOTHER DUCKER & THE EGGS (sc), Sam Solo, Junk Bones, & Hatchlings!

Oddly enough there are no shows I know of on the 31st. Weird... C'mon, Santa Cruz, you can do better than that!

Also, I'll have the Grand Lake audio up (interview + one song) most likely Monday of next week, profile on CP Willsea will be up on Thursday, also, I implore you, LISTEN TO SURFER BLOOD. Amazing shit.

That's it for now, so I'll leave you all with this:

Hmmm... It just might be time to get my groove on, Secretary of State-style.

- Lee B.


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