Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A double dose of local goodness

Hey there,

The Rising Tide usually features one local artist interview-and-performance-smorgasbord-type-thing each and every week, and with the exception of a few off weeks (due to illness, time mismanagement, etc.) we've stuck to that script.

Last week we decided to tamper with the show format a little bit and air an off-site interview with a group in Spirits of the Red City who visited our town and played a lovely show at SubRosa just over a week ago. In my opinion, it was a great success, so if I were you, I'd count on hearing more off-site interviews with artists playing Santa Cruz in the future!

Which brings me to this upcoming Friday night, where the show will play host to two special live studio interviews.

First off, Folk Yeah!'s Britt Govea has, in recent years, established his organization as a linchpin in Nor Cal's indie rock, psychedelic rock and (naturally) folk circles.
In addition to bringing artists as far-reaching and diverse as Animal Collective, Beach House, The Black Angels, The XX, Earth and Bert Jansch to our neck of the woods, Britt has also featured local artists such as Mountain Animal Hospital and Sleepy Sun, and helped make the Brookdale Lodge a local music hotspot.

A DJ in his own right (with a penchant for digging deep into his music library for psychedelia-tinged records from the 60s and 70s), Britt Govea will be coming on the show to talk about upcoming FolkYeah! shows, his own perspective and experiences on being a concert promoter, and to help give away tickets to the upcoming Akron/Family show at the Brookdale Lodge on Saturday, August 14th!

Our second guests this upcoming Friday night will be a band playing at The Crepe Place the following night, opening for Cannons & Clouds and Summer Darling; their name is Monsters Are Not Myths.

This local quartet has existed in different incarnations since 2004, and they are in the midst of riding the praise of their 2nd and most recent LP (2009's Corporate Growth).

At times recalling Son Volt, Spoon and Ryan Adams, Monsters Are Not Myths are going to take their lighthearted-at-times tunes and strip them down for this Friday's show. Tune in to catch them play live in the KZSC studio and answer some questions about their project!

See ya later,
- Lee B.


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