Monday, February 7, 2011

Zine of the Week (6 Feb. 2011): Haich

Howdy all,

The Rising Tide isn't just a place for new and local bands but also for artistic expression locally. With that, I must admit that this week's zine comes from Australia. We are setting the bar pretty high to start. Below is the cover of this art zine of epic proportions.

This zine contains experimental poetry that to me reflects the disconnected aspect of a society that is stuck in the state of increasing connectedness with an increasing disconnectedness. As technology makes everyone better connected the more people seem to reject it.  Also, this slick zine beats your dumpstered coffee table book of the history of bowling (maybe not) and offers up a whole new level of creative combination. You can view the zine in individual page selections online at the blog listed below.

If you want a copy of this beautiful work of futuristic/ sometimes steam punk & cyber-punk themed art or you just want to check it out, check out the groups blogspot:

Remember if you have made a zine and you want it reviewed, mail it to KZSC with: c/o The Rising Tide or e-mail a digital copy to


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