Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zine of The Week (18 February 2011): Electric Annihilation #1

It's unfortunate that this review is so late in coming but it's better late than never. Electric Annihilation #1 is one of those rare zines that not only reviews and questions music but isn't afraid to cover the bands that aren't being covered. This zine was put together partially by a group of ex-desert rats at large in the bay area, one of them, Tynan Krakoff runs DNT records an indie label built upon a pile of cassette tapes and vinyl, you've never heard before and probably should.

This zine features a quickie-interview with everyone's favorite punk-rocker gone actor now DJ and spoken word artist- Henry Rollins, about the noise music genre and how it stands to serve the next generation as the rebellious iconoclast music that refuses to be co-opted and has actually managed to do this with some degree of success.
Getting a copy of this awesome newspaper styled zine might be a little tricky. There are a few copies of it hangin' around Streetlight Records where the free zines are behind the cash register in the front for the time being but you can also get one by going to the DNT records website or possibly if you chance upon it around San Francisco.

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