Friday, April 22, 2011

Electroswing: Roaring 20s Remixed

    I first heard of the "electroswing" genre on this past New Years Eve.  Dressed in my best 20s flapper attire, I drove to a club in downtown Los Angeles ready to get my groove on at mobster style, prohibition era party.  The event flyer advertised a night of "electronic jazz and prohibiton remixes" – I was beyond curious to hear what this music genre would sound like.  As I made my way into the club, my ears were greeted with the glorious sounds of swing music combined with a heavy, dancy beat.  This was it – the whole party was worth these few bars of music.  Electroswing music instantly became my new best friend.

    Since that fateful NYE night I have been on a wild goose chase in search of electroswing DJs.  After spending an hour on Google I came across the website of Austrian DJ Parov Stelar, whom, according to the Prague Post, is the originator of the electroswing genre.  His song Booty Swing off of the album The Paris Swing Box EP (2010) is my favorite electroswing song and soon to be yours too.

    With love and music,
    DJ Jules
    Rising Tide collective member 
    and founder/DJ of KZSC's Girls With Guitars

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    I love it! Where can I hear more?!

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